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About Us

Our Mission: The Jesus movement

The Inspiration Behind My Clothing/Christian Brand.


In November 2022, I started a journey to create a brand that would honour God and inspire people to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ. It all began with prayer and seeking God's guidance, which gave me the confidence to launch my website. By His grace, everything fell into place.

My ultimate goal is to create a brand that serves as a reminder that God is always with you, he cares for us, and he loves us unconditionally. Through my products, I hope to spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ. And to encourage people to spread the word of God wherever they go.

All Glory Goes to God, and I thank him every day for this opportunity to be able to help and love people, the way he did for us.

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Damien Codemo

Founder of Shop Walk With Faith

My name is Damien Codemo, and I am the founder of Shop Walk with Faith and Train with Faith Fitness with a mission to promote the Jesus movement through our business. I have had a diverse range of employment experiences throughout my life, including working in a clothing store, warehouse jobs, and working at a gym. However, my passion lies in health and fitness, Spreading the Word and the Love of God and help serving people in any way I can.


In my life, I have experienced God's love and mercy every single day, and since the moment I was saved, I have made it my mission to glorify Him in all that I do. My heart is passionate about leading the lost to salvation and sharing the hope and love of Jesus. That's why I created this brand - not only to encourage and assist Christians in their faith journey but also to empower them to boldly spread the word of God wherever they go.

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